Sep 18

Titan’s Debora Aydelotte was featured today in MortgageOrb with a by-lined article entitled “The Convergence Of Industry And Economic Events – A Risk Perspective“.


“It has become standard practice, both inside the Beltway and in business, to shift decision-making to more convenient times, angling for a more strategically supportive environment. The people who opt for this strategy are more comfortable making no decision, so they simply build and retain their position. It’s a safe posture, ringing of plausible deniability, but is it leadership?”

Read the full article here!

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Aug 21

Titan’s “new kid on the block” Deb Aydelotte has been busy making her presence known.  Just recently, Deb was featured in the June 29 issue of Inside Mortgage Trends regarding our new Titan Risk Management Services division.

According to the article, “It is clear from the response Titan has been getting that the mortgage banking industry is struggling with the CFPB rules and guidelines, says Aydelotte.  ‘There is a lot of ambiguity and confusion in many of the rules and guidance that CFPB has put out, and that is a concern not only for lenders but for service providers like us as well,’ she said.”

Ms. Aydelotte will be sharing additional pearls of wisdom in upcoming issues of Mortgage Technology and Secondary Marketing Executive.  Or, if the above paragraph sounds like you, why not give her a shout at and get her expert advice now?

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