Dec 15

by: Ruth Lee

Last week, Sen. Barney Frank (D – Mass.) announced his plans to retire, and the good folks at asked moi for my thoughts on this news.  I, of course, took the opportunity to add some much needed snark and sass to the piece.

You can read my comments here:

In light of my latest brush with the media, I thought I would expand on the topic of Frank’s retirement with my usual vim and vigor.  Therefore, I present to you,

“The Top 5 Things You Won’t Overhear at Barney Frank’s Retirement Party:”

5. I wonder if NAMB is here?

4. I hear there’s a lot of money in being a mortgage historian.  Maybe Newt and I can carpool.

3. Did you get Mitt’s RSVP to my How to Win Friends and Influence Peddle seminar?

2. I went to Washington and all I got was this “Tea Party or Bust” shirt.

1. Don’t let the doorknob hit ya where the good Lord split ya!

Of course, there may be several folks that are secretly thinking No. 1 (I myself submitted it as my back-up quote), but let’s hope they have enough tact to keep it to themselves.

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