Oct 28

Titan EVP Ruth Lee recently commented to National Mortgage News about the current state of the mortgage industry, and specifically how recent layoffs are providing a huge pool of talent from large banks and lenders to smaller and mid-market lenders:

“We need to be thinking about the immediate and longer-range opportunities and threats created in the marketplace for mortgage lenders by big banks continuing their ‘hire and fire’ practices,” says Ruth Lee, executive vice president of sales at Titan Lenders Corp., aDenver-based provider of mortgage fulfillment and warehouse lending systems and loan processing services.”

“What is exciting about the current market,” she notes, is that successful companies have been quick to adjust to a business model that includes the opportunity to benefit from the massive layoffs from the large banks.”

Read the full article here!

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Oct 04

Titan EVP Ruth Lee talks HMDA (Home Mortgage Disclosure Act) in a featured op-ed in the October 3rd issue of MBA Newslink:

The regulatory trends we have observed over the past few years clearly indicate that regulators are embracing data as a means to assess compliance. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, through MERSCORP, has turned its attention to servicing data. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have issued their own data standardization rules–the Uniform Appraisal Dataset, the Uniform Loan Delivery Data Standards and Uniform Mortgage Servicing Dataset, just to name a few.

Now, we see multiple regulatory bodies turning their attention to one of the more innocuous data-related regulations: Home Mortgage Disclosure Act.

Read the full article here

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Jul 22

Watch Video: Titan Capital Solutions: bracing for the future

Abstract: The government may not be out of the mortgage industry yet, nor may they ever be, but companies are already beginning to brace themselves for a day when they might not be able to rely on the government guarantee for originations. Companies like Titan Capital Solutions, we speak to Mike Eberl for his insights.

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Apr 26

Titan’s Mary Kladde and Ruth Lee have written an op-ed concerning the potential implications of QM rules, which is featured in today’s MBA NewsLink and MBA Servicing NewsLink. Here is an excerpt:

QM, if not defined appropriately, has the potential to crush the burgeoning recovery taking place in the housing market. Fears are that regulations could be so restrictive as to exclude many qualified borrowers, constrain necessary investor liquidity, impact the cost of capital and market capacity, and disproportionately exclude minority borrowers, who historically used high LTV mortgage loans at up to twice the rate of non-minority borrowers, from the dream of homeownership. Those fears are the direct result of both industry research on QM impact and the seemingly punitive motives of legislators, regulators and consumer advocates as telegraphed in congressional testimony and in the media. Beware the double-edged sword of unintended consequences!

[Read the full article here]

Mar 15

Titan Lenders Corp. is featured in the March Edition of Housing Wire. Joel Veenstra’s hire is featured among the “People Movers” this month.

Joel Veenstra, a 24-year financial services sales executive, recently joined Titan as National Sales Manager of Titan Capital Solutions, our company’s correspondent investing arm. Joel came to TCS to lead its burgeoning sales team and to drive Titan’s growth into agency product and a bulk purchasing program in 2013.

For more information on Titan Capital Solutions’ correspondent investing programs and services, visit www.TitanCapitalSolutions.com.

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Feb 20

Titan Vice President Ruth Lee is a featured by-lined author in the February 20th issue of Mortgage Orb!

“Technology is evolving so rapidly that it is transforming the way mortgage bankers and investors perceive data. While “big data” is truly the purview of giants like Facebook, Google or Twitter, the tools and strategies developed to define, parse, interpret, standardize and, last but not least, monetize data, will evolve mortgage banking.”

Read the full article here: “Big Data, Little Data, and the Future of Your Data

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Jan 22

Check out this great plug for Titan in the January 21, 2013 edition of “The Garrett, McAuley Report”:

If you don’t know much about corporate governance, this may seem like a minor issue, but it’s not.  It’s a really big thing when Directors want reports and tools that can help them do a better job of understanding the company and helping to manage its risk.

Everyone’s trying to hire underwriters, processors, funders and shippers, and no one can find any.  One solution is to contact Titan Lenders Corp., which can do all back-office functions for you.

They can do your underwriting, insuring, you name it.  We did Due Diligence on them for a very large bank that’s thinking of using them, and we gave them two thumbs up.  They’re at www.titanlenderscorp.com and the person to talk to there is Ruth Lee.

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Jan 08

Congratulations to Titan Capital Solutions, Titan’s new correspondent investing arm serving select bank and non-bank partners, featured on Rob Chrisman’s Mortgage Daily News:

On the other hand, the jumbo market is alive and well. As a recent example, Titan Capital Solutions (Denver) introduced its jumbo program and became a jumbo conduit. Titan Capital Solutions is a correspondent jumbo investor serving select bank and non-bank partners. Titan entered the market as a mid-sized shop, with scope and aspirations far larger. “Having already achieved a national presence, Titan’s objective is to support the vitality and expansion of a reformed, perhaps totally reframed, secondary market.” (To lead its sales efforts, Titan Capital Solutions recently selected sales veteran Joel Veenstra as its national sales manager). For more information on the program, visit Titan’s website or contact Joel Veenstra at joel.veenstra@titancapitalsolutions.com.

Learn more about Titan Capital Solutions’ Correspondent Lending and Investing Services here!

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Dec 14

Titan has been named the 2012 Fix It Award Winner by Mortgage Technology:

“The Fix-It Award recognizes technology that provides an effective solution to a specific industry problem, need or channel.”

Watch this video as Mary Kladde explains Titan’s award winning MINTRAK solution!

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Nov 20

So this is the official line: You are a woman, and you run a business. Corporations, local, state and federal government purchasing agencies have programs carved out allotting a small percentage of business to women-owned companies. This is to encourage larger companies to diversify their vendors. Section 342 of Dodd Frank establishes guidelines to incent procurement from women and minority-owned businesses. The CFPB is telegraphing audit initiatives to support those goals.

Let’s be honest. The advantage is small and procedural, and no company will hire a substandard vendor, even if they are an 8a minority woman veteran in a HUB zone, so let’s not get carried away. In this industry, there aren’t a whole lot of us. But the requirements are real – and so are the quality, capabilities and expertise of those of us out here trying to break into some pretty tough markets.

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Nov 06

Titan prides itself not only on the standards to which it holds itself, but also with the company it keeps.  When we make a recommendation regarding another firm, it’s because we believe in the calibre of that firm’s work and recognize the similarities between that firm’s values and our own.

That being said, I am pleased to announce that Titan has added a new investor to our every-growing list of industry professionals. Indianapolis-based Stonegate Mortgage specializes in wholesale and correspondent lending and has been recognized by the Inc. 5000 as a company to watch in 2012. With an Inc. 5000 financial services industry rank of 27, and an 807% growth over the last three years, you can be guaranteed that you are in good hands with Stonegate.

Visit their website at https://tpo.stonegatemtg.com/Default.aspx.

Interested in starting a wholesale or correspondent relationship with Stonegate?

Mark Franks
Business Development Manager
Stonegate Mortgage Company – Wholesale & Correspondent Lending
Centennial, CO
720-379-4400 (phone)
720-989-1181 (cell)
720-367-5218 (fax)

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Sep 28

Titan’s Debora Aydelotte will be a featured panelist at the 9th Annual Women in Leadership event to be held Thursday, October 4th, 2:00-6:00pm. Deb will be joined by female leaders from Lewis & Fowler, CSC, Charles Schwab, and Microsoft.

The keynote speaker will be Claudine Schneider, Former US House of Representative Congress Woman & Emmy recipient.

Event Location:
The Magnolia
818 17th Street
Denver, CO 80202

This event is RSVP only. Use this link to RSVP!

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Sep 18

Titan’s Debora Aydelotte was featured today in MortgageOrb with a by-lined article entitled “The Convergence Of Industry And Economic Events – A Risk Perspective“.


“It has become standard practice, both inside the Beltway and in business, to shift decision-making to more convenient times, angling for a more strategically supportive environment. The people who opt for this strategy are more comfortable making no decision, so they simply build and retain their position. It’s a safe posture, ringing of plausible deniability, but is it leadership?”

Read the full article here!

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Aug 31


Are you looking for CFPB Exam guidance? At a time when it seems that everybody, qualified or not, is talking CFPB, Titan Lenders Corp.’s Debora Aydelotte, President, Titan Capital Solutions and Director, Bryan DeShasier are preparing to talk “real world” about the specter of CFPB exams.

Join them on Wednesday, September 19 at 1:00 pm MT.

Combining decades of mortgage industry experience and their unparalleled understanding of the impact CFPB oversight will have on lenders, Aydelotte and DeShasier will deliver guidance on how mortgage bankers can become “CFPB Exam-Ready.”

Registration will open after Labor Day! We’ll continue to blog, tweet and update our LinkedIn sites. Also, look for our post-Labor Day news release. If you’d like to pre-register, contact: Bryan DeShasier at bryan.deshasier@titanlenderscorp.com.

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Aug 21

Titan’s “new kid on the block” Deb Aydelotte has been busy making her presence known.  Just recently, Deb was featured in the June 29 issue of Inside Mortgage Trends regarding our new Titan Risk Management Services division.

According to the article, “It is clear from the response Titan has been getting that the mortgage banking industry is struggling with the CFPB rules and guidelines, says Aydelotte.  ‘There is a lot of ambiguity and confusion in many of the rules and guidance that CFPB has put out, and that is a concern not only for lenders but for service providers like us as well,’ she said.”

Ms. Aydelotte will be sharing additional pearls of wisdom in upcoming issues of Mortgage Technology and Secondary Marketing Executive.  Or, if the above paragraph sounds like you, why not give her a shout at debora.aydelotte@titanlenderscorp.com and get her expert advice now?

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